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Trans-intersex coalition: 1996 – now

By admin author | October 27, 2020

Note: Some of the dates in the original posting have been corrected. Intersex Awareness Day is observed on October 26th in commemoration of the first North American intersex protest, in…

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New resource: Tips for Creating an Intersex-Friendly Environment

By admin author | October 26, 2020

Intersex Awareness Day is about educating society in order make the world safe for intersex people to live openly, without unwanted intervention, as who we are. In this vein, we…

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Boston Children’s Hospital pledges to stop intersex infant surgeries!

By admin author | October 22, 2020

As reported today in a joint article by USA Today and The 19th, a spokesperson for Boston Children’s Hospital told The 19th that it “will not perform clitoroplasty or vaginoplasty…

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Our E.D.s intersex memoir makes NY Public Library’s list of Essential Feminist Reads

By admin author | August 19, 2020

As the 19th Amendment turns 100, The New York Public Library reflects on the history of suffrage and feminism with the publication of NYPL’s Essential Reads on Feminism, and we…

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Great feature piece on Pidgeon Pagonis and Sean Saifa Wall

By admin author | August 6, 2020

This fantastic piece in The 19th features in depth, illuminating interviews with Intersex Justice Project founders Pidgeon Pagonis and Sean Saifa Wall. It explores the historic ties between racism and…

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Lurie Children’s Hospital issues apology for medically unnecessary intersex surgeries, promises to temporarily stop performing!

By admin author | July 28, 2020

In an outstandingly positive, celebratory moment for the intersex community, Lurie Childrens’ Hospital in Chicago just became the first institution of its kind to apologize for performing medically unnecessary surgeries…

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Indya Moore Calls Out Lurie Children’s Hospital for Performing Surgeries on Intersex Babies!

By admin author | July 18, 2020

As reported in PinkNews, Indya Moore, Angelica Ross and Gabrielle Union have lent their voices to a petition calling for an end to intersex surgeries at a Chicago children’s hospital.…

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Albania bans intersex infant surgeries!!!

By admin author | June 27, 2020

Albania has made a historic decision to stop medical interventions at birth in the cases of intersex children! It joins Malta, Uruguay, and the Indian state of Tamil Nadu in…

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Hans Lindahl slams “Middlesex” (VIDEO)

By admin author | May 31, 2020

Hans Lindahl, Communications Director for InterACT: Advocates of Intersex Youth, breaks down why the 2002 novel Middlesex–which features an intersex protagonist–is so problematic in the insightful and educational video “Why…

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Tenth Circuit Orders State Dept to Reconsider Denying Dana Zzyym an Accurate Passport

By admin author | May 12, 2020

From Associate Director Zzyym’s team at Lambda Legal. ==================================================== LAMBDA LEGAL PRESS RELEASE, Tuesday, May 12, 2020 Contact Tom Warnke: C: 213-841-4503; twarnke@lambdalegal.org ==================================================== Tenth Circuit Orders State Department to…

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“Intersex” at Malaga Spanish Film Festival

By admin author | April 9, 2020

Despite these trying times, we are happy to report another example of intersex visibility in the popular culture. From VARIETY magazine: MADRID — Cecilia Roth starrer “Alice,” Ana Piterbarg’s “La…

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Dana Zzyym in Washington Post’s X Passport Bill Coverage

By admin author | February 26, 2020

We live in a society so committed to enforcing an exclusively binary sex/gender system that it subjects healthy babies to irreversible, high risk, medically unnecessary gonadal and/or genital surgeries in…

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An Intersex Affirming Biology Textbook is Finally Available!

By admin author | February 25, 2020

For centuries and to this day, intersex people and sex characteristics have been portrayed and described negatively within Western medical and scientific discourse, with words such as, “deficient,” “defective” “deformed,”…

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Rep. Khanna introduces legislation to add third gender option for US passports!

By admin author | February 25, 2020

We are deeply grateful to California Representative Ro Khanna for introducing legislation today, which we are proud to have worked with his office on, that would allow non-binary U.S. citizens…

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Site Update Alert

By Hida | February 24, 2020

Hi everyone! Some of you have asked about the history of the intersex movement, and we are happy to report that we were recently able to update IC4E’s site to…

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Lambda Legal Urges Tenth Circuit to Uphold Ruling in Favor of Intersex Vet Seeking Accurate Passport

By admin author | February 24, 2020

By Lambda Legal JANUARY 22, 2020 Lambda Legal today appeared before the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit to urge the court to uphold a district court ruling…

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Did politics & money meddle with the passage of SB 201? (Photo)

By admin author | January 18, 2020

The Los Angeles Blade’s excellent coverage yesterday on the lack of passage of SB 201, which would have banned medically unnecessary surgeries on intersex infants and young minors, featured an…

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CA Fails to Pass Bill Banning Medically Unnecessary Surgeries on Intersex Infants

By admin author | January 14, 2020

We regret to share that today, California Senate Bill 201 (SB201), would have banned medically unnecessary surgeries on intersex infants and minors until the age of six, failed to garner…

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Austria Issues its first X passport & third sex birth certificate!

By admin author | May 16, 2019

We are thrilled to report that our colleague Alex Jurgen, founder of OII Austria, has attained the country’s first third sex identity documents. “(For) the first time in my life,…

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Beautiful Caster Semenya Video From Discovery S.A.!

By admin author | May 11, 2019

Words cannot express how much we love this video. Big thanks to Discovery South Africa for creating! A note on language, since we have been asked. It is a well…

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