Dana Zzyym in Washington Post’s X Passport Bill Coverage

We live in a society so committed to enforcing an exclusively binary sex/gender system that it subjects healthy babies to irreversible, high risk, medically unnecessary gonadal and/or genital surgeries in an effort to make future boys/men or girls/women out of all intersex infants. The Intersex Campaign for Equality recognizes federal third gender recognition as a vital step towards ending this antiquated, potentially harmful practice, and towards attaining equal social status for both intersex people and non-intersex (a.k.a. endosex) Americans with non-binary gender identities.

Our Associate Director Dana Zzyym and their groundbreaking lawsuit for a third gender passport, is featured this week in The Washington Post’s coverage of the X passport bill, which we are proud to have worked on. We thank Zzyym for their persistent insistence on equality, and thank Rep. Khanna, whom introduced the bill, and all those who sponsored it, for this effort to provide equal gender representation to all Americans.

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