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Lambda Legal Continues Fight for Dana Zzyym’s Non-Binary Passport!

By admin author | May 9, 2019

==================================================== PRESS RELEASE, Thursday, May 09, 2019 From out colleagues at Lambda Legal ==================================================== Lambda Legal to Tenth Circuit: Affirm Ruling for Nonbinary Intersex Veteran Seeking an Accurate U.S. Passport…

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World Medical Assn Warns Doctors To Do No Harm to Women Athletes w High T

By admin author | May 6, 2019

We thank the World Medical Association (WMA) profusely for honoring ethics to 1st do no harm–even in regards to people with variations of sex characteristics, whom have sadly and egregiously…

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Olympian Casey Legler Calls Out Racism, Misogyny & Homophobia in Caster Ruling!

By admin author | May 4, 2019

So many have spoken and written about this issue, but the voices that have been sorely needed are those of fellow female athletes saying that it is fine for Caster…

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Our E.D. Viloria for Wash Post on the unscientific and unethical CAS Ruling

By admin author | May 3, 2019

Our E.D. Hida Viloria has been advocating for Caster Semenya and women athletes with VSC (variations in sex characteristics, aka intersex) in television and print since 2009–when discrimination against Semenya…

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CAS rules against Caster Semenya in favor of discrimination: UNACCEPTABLE!

By admin author | May 1, 2019

In a startling step backwards for equality in athletics, the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) ruled 2-1 against the case brought by Caster Semenya and Athletics South Africa that the…

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Please support Caster Semenya! It’s critical

By admin author | April 29, 2019

For anyone unsure of why this is a significant issue not just for sport, but for our entire community, we note that if the world can allow a strong, successful…

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Gopi Shankar Attains Ban on Noncons. Intersex Infant Surgeries in India! (Tamil Nadu)

By admin author | April 28, 2019

We are thrilled to report that the state of Tamil Nadu, India, passed a ban on nonconsensual surgeries on intersex infants and minors early this past week! As reported in…

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Incredible TED X by Intersex Youth Ori & Their Mom!

By admin author | April 18, 2019

As an unfunded intersex advocacy organization operating entirely on donations and volunteer assistance, without unpaid staff, we are not always able to update our site as frequently as we’d like.…

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Viloria & Pagonis on how Pulaski would not have become American Rev. War hero with today’s intersex surgical interventions + Research Examined

By admin author | April 17, 2019

Note: Pressing work on legislative and educational advocacy prevented us from sharing the article referenced in this post, which ran on April 4th, at the time of its release. Our…

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Excellent Article About The Lohman’s Raising their Intersex Child As Is

By admin author | April 15, 2019

Thanks to CNN​ for this excellent article about the Lohmans, who are loving their intersex child Rosie as she is, without subjecting her to any medically unnecessary surgeries aimed to…

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Our E.D. fills press with intersex and trans affirming views

By admin author | April 10, 2019

We couldn’t be prouder of our E.D,. for filling the mainstream press with intersex affirming viewpoints in multiple articles s/he was interviewed for about the news that General Casimir Pulaski…

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The Father of the American Cavalry appears to have been Intersex!!!

By admin author | April 8, 2019

Tonight, the Smithsonian Channel’s America’s Hidden Stories will air the documentary “The General Was Female?”, which explores years of research which determine that General Casimir Pulaski, often revered as the…

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Intersex Justice Project holds protest against CARES & infant surgeries in NYC

By admin author | April 5, 2019

The CARES Foundation is a group run by and for parents of intersex children with one of the most common types of intersex, CAH (congenital adrenal hyperplasia), and their website’s…

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Great article by parent Eric Lohman in Support of SB 201

By admin author | April 5, 2019

Big thanks to Eric Lohman, one of the wonderfully loving parents of an intersex child, and co-author with his partner, Stephani Lohman, of Raising Rosie: Our Story of Parenting an…

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Intersex Filmmaker River Gallo in MTV News !

By admin author | March 28, 2019

We are so excited to see intersex film-maker River Gallo getting recognition and press for hi groundbreaking film Ponyboi! Please enjoy and share this latest, in MTV News, widely. http://www.mtv.com/news/3118699/river-gallo-interview-ponyboi-glaad-awards-grant-2019/

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Ponyboi’s River Gallo in The Advocate [VIDEO]

By admin author | February 15, 2019

Great interview in The Advocate with River Gallo, writer, director and star of Ponyboi, the first narrative film about an intersex character, created by and starring an intersex person, and…

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Great Coverage of CA’s SB 201 in The Daily Beast

By admin author | February 10, 2019

The Daily Beast examines California’s SB 201, which seeks to ban medically unnecessary surgeries on intersex babies, in the excellent article, “I Wasn’t Ready for the Intersex Surgery I Had…

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CA Senator Introduces Bill to Ban Medically Unnecessary Surgeries on Intersex Infants!

By admin author | February 4, 2019

On January 31st, California Senator Scott Weiner (Dem. San Francisco) introduced legislation to prohibit medically unnecessary surgeries on intersex babies–what intersex activists have all been fighting for! Since the start…

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Our E.D. at 5th Annual SoCal LGBTQ Health Conference

By admin author | January 18, 2019

Our founding director Hida Viloria will be presenting the opening keynote lecture, “Language Matters: Promoting Equitable Treatment and Health in the Intersex Community,” on January 20th at the 5th Annual…

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Intersex Activists Denounce Infant Surgeries in Washington Blade

By admin author | January 1, 2019

Starting the year off on the right foot, this article in today’s Washington Blade features three fantastic intersex activists–Sean Saifa Wall, Jonathan Leggette, and Hans Lindhal–doing what intersex activists do…

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