World Medical Assn Warns Doctors To Do No Harm to Women Athletes w High T

We thank the World Medical Association (WMA) profusely for honoring ethics to 1st do no harm–even in regards to people with variations of sex characteristics, whom have sadly and egregiously often been left out of this code of ethics. (We note that we do not refer to these athletes as intersex because they identify as women. We respect their gender identity as such and ask all to do so.)

In an interview on France 24 news with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, WMA chairman Frank Ulrich Montgomery advised doctors to play no part in enforcing the new IAAF rules for women athletes with naturally high testosterone.

“Montgomery said that for women with DSD ‘it is just normal to be androgenic and there is nothing pathological about the situation of this athlete.

No physician can be forced to administer these drugs, and we definitely urge our colleagues to refrain from giving hormonally active medication to athletes simply because some regulations demand it,’ he added.

‘If physicians do apply these drugs they do break ethical codes. The basic ethical code of all medical practice is never do harm, and it is doing harm to a perfectly normal body with just a rather high level of testosterone by administering drugs to use this in order to make them eligible for women’s sport under these regulations.'”

BRAVO! Now that’s a real doctor.

We commend the WMA for recognizing that people with variations of sex characteristics, aka intersex people, deserve the same human right as everyone else not to be forceed or coerced into unnecessary potentially harmful medical “treatments” meant to ease socio-cultural concerns. Please share widely!