Great article by parent Eric Lohman in Support of SB 201

Big thanks to Eric Lohman, one of the wonderfully loving parents of an intersex child, and co-author with his partner, Stephani Lohman, of Raising Rosie: Our Story of Parenting an Intersex Child</em>, who have chosen to love and accept their daughter as is, for this great article in support of California’s SB 201, which seeks to ban medically unnecessary cosmetic genital surgeries on intersex babies and minors. It provide a wonderful, illuminating alternative to the number of misleading and sometimes downright dishonest articles by doctors against SB 201 out in the press recently.

Thanks to the San Francisco Chronicle for running it, and please share widely to support bodily integrity and self-determination for intersex people!

Read full text of SB 201 here.