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Promoting human rights and equality for all intersex people through arts, education and action.


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Global sports community signs open letter to IAAF in support of intersex women athletes!

By admin author | July 10, 2018

We have long awaited the day when athletes would step forward to support the intersex women unfairly targeted by the I.A.A.F. (the sports federation which governs track and field) and…

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CALIFORNIA RESIDENTS: Support Intersex Rights Today, Powerfully and Easily

By admin author | June 11, 2018

The U.S. intersex movement was birthed in the mid-90’s, when a a handful of pioneers including our E.D. began speaking out publicly in order to end medically unnecessary nonconsensual surgeries…

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Dana Zzyym Continues Fight for Intersex Federal Recognition!

By admin author | May 30, 2018

From our Executive Director, Hida Viloria Yesterday, our associate director Dana Zzyym returned to federal district court in Denver, Colorado, to fight for the right to have their sex/gender (the…

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Intersex Memoir BORN BOTH Nominated for Lambda Literary Award!

By admin author | May 15, 2018

Last year, we were thrilled and proud to announce the release of the first book by an openly intersex author to be published by a Big 5 Publisher (Hachette Books),…

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CORR.: CA Senator Introduces Resolution to Urge Medical Providers to End IGM

By admin author | March 8, 2018

Our enormous thanks to California Senator Scott Weiner (D–San Francisco) for supporting intersex people’s right bodily autonomy and self-determination! As reported earlier this week on CBS SF Bay Area News,…

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Celebrating Black History Month: Julius Kaggwa

By admin author | February 27, 2018

Today we honor celebrated Ugandan activist Julius Kaggwa, executive director of the intersex support organization Support Initiative for People with Atypical Sex Development (SIPD), whose pioneering human rights work began…

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Celebrating Black History Month: Nthabiseng Mokoena

By admin author | February 26, 2018

Nthabiseng Mokoena is a prominent South African intersex activist whose strength and courage as one of the very first (if not the very first) black South Africans to advocate publicly…

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Celebrating Black History Month: Sean Saifa Wall

By admin author | February 23, 2018

In honor of Black History Month, we celebrate African-American artist and activist Sean Saifa Wall, whose groundbreaking work we have featured here in the past. Wall is a well-published speaker,…

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IC4E Celebrates Black History Month! Today: Dr. Dani Lee Harris

By admin author | February 21, 2018

It’s black history month, and we’ve been thinking about the significant contributions that black community members have made to intersex activism and human rights. IC4E is grounded in perspectives of…

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Intersex model Hanne Gaby Odiele speaks out in VICE

By admin author | February 20, 2018

We’re very happy and grateful to see model Hanne Gaby Odiele, whom, as we covered last year, came out as intersex in January 2017, continuing to speak out bravely about…

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Viloria on The Privilege of Pleasure

By admin author | February 14, 2018

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! ILGA, the International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual,Transgender and Intersex Association, is amazing, and ILGA-Europe–a driving force for political, legal and social change for LGBTI people in Europe…

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Zzyym’s Non-Binary Passport Lawsuit in The Daily Beast

By admin author | February 9, 2018

“If a pending Lambda Legal lawsuit against the U.S. State Department gets resolved in favor of an intersex person named Dana Zzym, then we could start seeing non-binary gender markers…

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Human Rights Watch E.D. Speaks Out Against Nonconsensual Intersex Surgeries!

By admin author | February 7, 2018

The medical establishment has been aware of the intersex community’s desire for an end to nonconsensual medically unnecessary surgeries on intersex youth — aka Intersex Genital Mutilation (IGM) — for…

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Intersex voices continue to rise with new quarterly with Indolent Books!

By admin author | February 2, 2018

2017 was an incredible year for intersex literature. Born Both: An Intersex Life (Hachette Books), our E.D.’s groundbreaking memoir, was released to feature length, rave reviews in The New Times…

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Artlyst covers amazing hunger strike for Intersex recognition by artist Ela Xora

By admin author | December 7, 2017

As we often say, Intersex people have existed since the dawn of humanity. Ancient art reflects this, but much of it has been purposefully hidden and continues to be. As…

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American Photographer Del LaGrace Volcano

By admin author | November 22, 2017

Del LaGrace Volcano is a non-binary intersex American photographer who has been challenging the norms of gender for over two decades through their pioneering photographic work. Their photography has been…

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Perfect Until Cut Webinar with Dana Zzyym tomorrow!

By admin author | November 16, 2017

Please join our Associate DirectorDana Zzyym for an interactive webinar about their groundbreaking non-binary passport lawsuit! Friday, Nov. 17, 2017 4-5 pm EST (2-3 pm MST; 1-2 pm PST). See…

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Mami Y Yo y Mi Gallito, by Director Arisleyda Dilone

By admin author | November 16, 2017

Arisleyda Dilone is an intersex filmmaker and director whose piercing essay“Growing Up Intersex, All I Wanted Were Breasts–But Now I Don’t Know if I Want Them Anymore,” we shared here…

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Intersex inclusion in “What’s the Difference b/w Sex & Gender?”

By admin author | November 15, 2017

Our E.D. Hida Viloria is quoted today in the Refinery29 article, “What’s the Difference between Sex & Gender?“. “Essentially, gender doesn’t boil down to our sex parts for anyone,” Viloria…

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African-American artist Sean Saifa Wall

By admin author | November 13, 2017

Sean Saifa Wall​ has been a proudly, openly intersex man for a long time, appearing in the intersex documentary One in 2000 with our E.D. back in 2007. Since, he…

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