HHS Honors Intersex Awareness Day at the White House!

HAPPY INTERSEX AWARENESS DAY (IAD) 2023 to all intersex people around the world!

We are thrilled to report that the White House is once agan acknowledging and addressing the intersex community here and abroad at a special Intersex Awareness Day event hosed by the HHS (Department of Health and Human Services).
This follows two years of recognition, with Intersex Roundtable discussions on 2021 and 2022 at which numerous intersex activists, including our ED Hida Viloria, shared their views on the needs of the intersex community with HHS and White House staff. Although IC4E was not able to attend this year’s event in person, we are honored to attend virtually.

Along with other intersex activists, we have been consulting the HHS for their groundbreaking upcoming report on intersex health care and needs. We are gratefull to the White House administration and, in particulsr, the HHS and Admiral Rachel Levine, for their iconcern for and inclusion of the intersex communnity in their work, and look forward to the upcoming release of their report!