Intersex Memoir one of Harper’s 10 to be Inspired By

Our ED Hida Viloria’s acclaimed memoir BORN BOTH: AN INTERSEX LIFE, has been selected, alongside Maya Angelou’s, Michelle Obama’s and Gloria Steinem’s, by UK Harper’s Bazaar as one of “10 memoirs and autobiographies to be inspired by“! IC4E has always believed that in order for intersex people to be treated equally, the mainstream population needs to be aware of, and accepting of, our existence, so we are thrilled by, and grateful for, this inclusion and recognition.

The inclusion is particularly impactful given that Viloria’s memoir chronicles the experience of being born with genital variance, aka “ambiguous genitalia,” which doctors often insist “must be fixed”–but being left as is. Viloria’s visibly intersex body was not “fixed,” and he/r memoir explores he/r journey growing up to love and accept he/rself as a non-binary intersex person, despite living in a time before our society acknowleged intersex people or non-binary gender identity.

Big thanks to Harper’s Bazaar for acknowledging the intersex community and our struggles, particularly that those most marginalized by anti-intersex attitudes (aka interphobia) due to having bodies that visually defy male or female identification!