New intersex doc hits theatres tomorrow!!!

EVERY BODY, the new intersex documentary by Emmy winner and co-director of the Oscar-nominated “RBG”, Julie Cohen, opens nationwide tomorrow, Friday June 30 —

What an incredible moment for intersex visibility!!!!

EVERY BODY stars intersex activists Alicia Roth Weigel, Sean Safia Wall, and River Gallo, whose work we have long supported, and covers how they discarded anti-intersex medical attitudes to become thriving, openly intersex individuals and activists.

As per numerous rave reviews, the doc also covers the historic role that researcher John Money’s theories and work on sex and gender — later revealed to have been based on a falsified, unethical case study that resulted in the double suicide of the twin patients involved — played in pioneering nonconsensual surgeries on intersex children.

There hasn’t been a documentary about the intersex commmunity by such a celebrated director since 2013’s INTERSEXION, by Cannes Film Festival Award winner Grant LaHood (which also stars Sean Safia Wall and an earlier generation of intersex activists including our ED, and is currently streaming on Amazon) — and never before has one opened in theatres nationwide in the US.

We thank everyone involved in making this happen, and urge EVERYONE to go, and tell all your friends to go, see EVERY BODY as soon as possible!

CLICK HERE to see where it’s playing near you.