Our E.D. fills press with intersex and trans affirming views

We couldn’t be prouder of our E.D,. for filling the mainstream press with intersex affirming viewpoints in multiple articles s/he was interviewed for about the news that General Casimir Pulaski was probably intersex. S/he also shared how this news is trans affirming, particularly in light of the current trans military ban, as like the Intersex Campaign for Equality, s/he is a staunch supporter of trans rights and equal right for all marginalized communities. Please enjoy and share.

“We’re out here, and we’re thriving, and we’re in every realm of society, so I think this documentary is going to be a very strong reminder of that and help establish that intersex people are a real and ancient community.”
–in The Chicago Tribune, April 3, 2019

“”The father of the American cavalry was not even male by our scientific definition,” Viloria adds. “It’s a powerful testament to the fact that biology doesn’t dictate who we are in terms of our lived gender, our perceived gender, and our ability to thrive as any gender.”
— in The Chicago Reader, April 4, 2019
Note: Views shared by Viloria during interview for this article about how, under current medical protocols which promote medically unnecessary surgeries for those born with XX CAH, Pulaski would have been deemed female and been unable to serve in the military, thus robbing the nation of the American Revolutionary War figure he was, were included in this article but not attributed to he/r. See more details here.

“I wish that more people knew that being intersex can be an extraordinarily positive physical, spiritual, and intellectual experience, as it has been for me, when you allow intersex individuals to make our own decisions about our sex traits and our gender identity.”

“[Doctors] often insist that babies born like Pulaski are female and recommend cutting their genitals and pumping their bodies with unnecessary hormones to create this femaleness — a practice which would have stolen General Pulaski from America as well as himself!”

#Pulaski’s life is further evidence that the trans military ban is a grossly misguided policy that not only robs American citizens from the opportunity to serve, but also robs our country of great soldiers,” Viloria shared. “Under the current ban, Pulaski’s XX chromosomes would deem him female, which would have excluded him from the military altogether in his own lifetime, and today would allow him to serve only if he were living as a legal female, which we can imagine he might not be, as he was obviously a man.”

— three quotes found in The Advocate