Beautiful Caster Semenya Video From Discovery S.A.!

Words cannot express how much we love this video. Big thanks to Discovery South Africa for creating!

A note on language, since we have been asked.

It is a well established fact that—unlike medical conditions such as Marfan’s Syndrome which are known to provide an athletic advantage, as in the case of Michael Phelps–there is no scientific evidence that higher levels of naturally occurring testosterone gives women athletes a competitive advantage. Despite this, the fact that Semenya has variations of sex characteristics is being used to attempt to exclude her from women’s competition–unless she takes potentially harmful drugs she does not want or need–under the simple guise that she is not a regular woman. Her difference from typical females is being used to attack her and damage her career, and this is why, although we stand for intersex pride and visibility, we recognize that is not helpful to use the the term intersex to describe Caster Semenya, unless she decides she wants to use it herself.

Caster Semenya, #CelebrateCasterAsIs #SpemenyaSpeed #NeverBackDown #HandsOffCaster