Our E.D.s intersex memoir makes NY Public Library’s list of Essential Feminist Reads

As the 19th Amendment turns 100, The New York Public Library reflects on the history of suffrage and feminism with the publication of NYPL’s Essential Reads on Feminism, and we are thrilled to announce that our Founding Director Hida Viloria’s memoir, Born Both: An Intersex Life was selected as one of them! We commend the NYPL for recognizing the deep correlations between sexism and interphobia, which are outlined vividly in Viloria’s memoir. Education is critical in order to end intersex oppression, and we are deeply grateful to the NYPL for including an intersex voice on this fantastic list!

As noted in Cool Hunting, “With books and essays for kids, teens and adults, the lengthy selection includes “first-hand accounts and histories” that trace the achievements and serious limitations of suffrage, as well as more contemporary pieces that explore feminism’s intrinsic links with “race, class, education, and LGBTQ+ activism.” From well-known books like Susan Faludi’s Backlash to works by Hida Viloria, bell hooks, and L.H. Stallings, the list includes biographies, poetry, historical non-fiction and more.”