Site Update Alert

Hi everyone!
Some of you have asked about the history of the intersex movement, and we are happy to report that we were recently able to update IC4E’s site to contain a running scroll of all of our posts, including those from the years we were known as OII-USA (2011-2/19/15), the American branch of the Organisation Intersex International (OII). These older posts give great insight into our work on intersex human rights, visibility, and cultural awareness about intersex people during the last decade.

In addition, our apologies for the long time span between our last post in May, 2019, and our post earlier today regarding our Associate Director Dana Zzyym’s groundbreaking, ongoing lawsuit for a non-binary X passport. We are a volunteer-run, grassroots organization, and as such chose to focus our efforts on the battle for legal gender recognition and on creating the first text which teaches the biology of human sex development using an intersex-inclusive, affirming, multi-diciplinary approach in order to provide an engaging, accessible resource for teaching the modern world that intersex people exist. More on that, and other events, in the days to come.