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Dana Zzyym Continues Fight for Intersex Federal Recognition!

From our Executive Director, Hida Viloria Yesterday, our associate director Dana Zzyym returned to federal district court in Denver, Colorado, to fight for the right to have their sex/gender (the two are conflated in law) accurately recognized as neither male nor female, but intersex and non-binary. As Dana and their legal representative Paul Castillo, from…

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Lambda Legal Continues Fight on Behalf of Intersex Citizen Denied a U.S. Passport!

LAMBDA LEGAL PRESS RELEASE, Tuesday, October 10, 2017 Contact Tom Warnke: C: 213-841-4503; ==================================================== Lambda Legal Continues Fight on Behalf of Intersex Citizen Denied a U.S. Passport “In the year since the Court ruled in favor of our client, the State Department doubled-down on its discriminatory male-or-female-only gender policy, again denying Dana an essential…

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NYC Issues Second Intersex Birth Certificate!

    New York City has issued its second intersex birth certificate, and the second known in the nation, to our E.D. Hida Viloria, and we are thrilled to see a government body once again acknowledging that sex comes in three categories: male, female and intersex! This is fantastic news given the medical industrial complex’s…

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More Americans Receive Non-binary Gender Recognition!

“I hope that more people will feel empowered to challenge the norms, to see that our sexual anatomy is on a spectrum and that gender is really socially constructed.” — David Cameron Strachan As reported by NBC News on Wednesday, February 15th, three more Californians –David Strachan, 69, Char Crawford, 32, and Xin Farrish, 34–…

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“Intersex” Birth Certificate Issued in New York City!

We recently received news from intersex recognition activist extraordinaire, Sara Kelly Keenan–the first legally recognized non-binary Californian–that the city of New York has amended their birth certificate to read “Intersex”!!!!! We commend Keenan for her efforts, and New York City for recognizing that intersex people exist and deserve to be recognized! For hundreds of years,…

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NBC News on Third Gender Option Explosion in the U.S.!

The recent landmark court ruling in our very own Dana Zzyym’s lawsuit for federal third gender recognition is covered in this NBC News article about the growing third gender option developments in the U.S. Last month, as outlined by Lambda Legal, Dana’s representatives in the lawsuit, “…a judge found that the State Department violated federal…

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New Zealand adopts gender marker for non-binary gendered people!

On Friday July 17th, New Zealand  announced that it has adopted a new gender option  — called “Gender Diverse” — in addition to the existing “male” and “female” options, for citizens who have non-binary gender identities. We commend the New Zealand government and celebrate this victory for all non-binary people! Indeed, intersex people are subjected…

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