NBC News on Third Gender Option Explosion in the U.S.!

The recent landmark court ruling in our very own Dana Zzyym’s lawsuit for federal third gender recognition is covered in this NBC News article about the growing third gender option developments in the U.S. Last month, as outlined by Lambda Legal, Dana’s representatives in the lawsuit, “…a judge found that the State Department violated federal law in denying a passport to Lambda Legal client Dana Zzyym, a U.S. citizen and Navy veteran who is intersex…. In his ruling, Judge R. Brooke Jackson stated that he found “no evidence that the Department followed a rational decision-making process in deciding to implement its binary-only gender passport policy,” and ordered the U.S. Passport Agency to reconsider its earlier decision to deny Dana a passport.”

On a statewide level, this past June Jamie Shupe became the first legally recognized non-binary person in the country when the state of Oregon approved their request for non-binary status on their driver’s license. Soon afterwards, in September, Sara Kelly Keegan followed suit in CaliforniaAs outlined in NBC News article earlier today, on December 2nd, petitions for non-binary legal recognition were filed by three more Californians: “San Francisco residents: David Strachan, Xin Farrish and Char Crawford. The San Francisco group goes to court on January 31 to find out whether a judge will grant each of them a “non-binary” status.”

We could not be more pleased with these developments, and commend everyone who has bravely stepped forward to be legally recognized as who they are: neither male nor female!


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