“Intersex” Birth Certificate Issued in New York City!

We recently received news from intersex recognition activist extraordinaire, Sara Kelly Keenan–the first legally recognized non-binary Californian–that the city of New York has amended their birth certificate to read “Intersex”!!!!!

We commend Keenan for her efforts, and New York City for recognizing that intersex people exist and deserve to be recognized! For hundreds of years, we have been forced to live in hiding as males or females/men or women, in a society which chose to deny our existence in order to enforce heteronormative, binary views of sex and gender. The fact that our true sex/gender is finally being recognized by state and federal law this year–Jamie Shupe in Oregon and Keenan in California and now NYC, and Dana Zzyym’s historic non-binary passport lawsuit win–is an enormous step in ending the invisibility and accompanying shame that has been imposed on the intersex community for centuries.

We look forward to more and more developments like this, and will be posting press coverage as it emerges.

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