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Ponyboi’s River Gallo in The Advocate [VIDEO]

Great interview in The Advocate with River Gallo, writer, director and star of Ponyboi, the first narrative film about an intersex character, created by and starring an intersex person, and his collaborator, co-director and producer Sadé Clacken Joseph. The film is a twenty minute short which the filmmakers plan to develop it into a feature.…

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Watch Award Winning Documentary ONE IN 2000

“One in 2000 shows that truly effective care for intersex people means recognizing that there are many paths to health and happiness and that the real experts on intersex are the people themselves.” —Thea Hillman, Intersex Author “Fabulous-real, relevant, scientific, personal, and important… it should be offered in every medical school.”   — Jan Schwartz,…

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Watch Outstanding New Zealand Documentary INTERSEXION

If you haven’t caught it yet, the New Zealand intersex documentary Intersexion (Ponsby Films, 2012) is a must see, and is now available online on You Tube! It speaks with a diverse group of intersex community members from around the world to explore the human rights violation of nonconsensual, medically unnecessary “normalizing” surgeries — a.k.a. Intersex Genital Mutilation…

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Short film about OII Australia V.P. Tony Briffa

Tony Briffa, who has been in the forefront of intersex visibility down under, and was the world’s first openly intersex mayor, shares their life experiences as an intersex persoon and spokesperson in this fantastic 8 minute short film. Enjoy!

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Watch Hermaphrodites Speak! the first intersex documentary

“The problem is not with the [intersex] child, the problem is with the attitudes towards the child.” — Hida Viloria, 1996 “I know, from my experience of my very own body… the really wonderful sensitivity that I had before surgery, in terms of genital sensation, and the tremendous orgasms that I had before… so it’s…

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E.D. Hida Viloria in the Groundbreaking GENDERNAUTS

  Gendernauts is the groundbreaking, multi award-winning 1999 documentary by German filmmaker Monika Truet, which shows us a group of artists in San Francisco who live between the poles of conventional gender identities, including ICE’s own Hida Viloria. The New York Times review of the film, after it’s February 4, 2000, United States premiere at Manhattan’s Cinema Village, had this…

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Intersex Doc Orchids: My Intersex Adventure screens at film fest

We thank and congratulate Phoebe Hart for making this fantastic documentary film and wish we could attend the screening! Orchids: My Intersex Adventure traces Phoebe’s journey as an intersex person with humor, intelligence, sensitivity and depth which belies her age– bravo for intersex-made art!

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Watch award-winning intersex film XXY

We loved this award-winning film (Critics Week Grand Prize, Cannes Film Festival, 2007), and are happy to see that beloved film critic Roger Ebert did too, giving it a big thumbs up and 3 and a half (out of 4) stars. Read the review here. Watch Argentinian director Lucia Puenzo’s, XXY (2007, 86 min) here.

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