Watch Outstanding New Zealand Documentary INTERSEXION

If you haven’t caught it yet, the New Zealand intersex documentary Intersexion (Ponsby Films, 2012) is a must see, and is now available online on You Tube!

It speaks with a diverse group of intersex community members from around the world to explore the human rights violation of nonconsensual, medically unnecessary “normalizing” surgeries — a.k.a. Intersex Genital Mutilation (IGM) — which intersex people routinely face in the first world. Made by Cannes FIlm Festival Award Winning director Grant LaHood, narrated by intersex activist extraordinaire Mani Bruce Mitchell, and featuring the Intersex Campaign for Equality’s own Dr. Dani Lee Harris, Hida Viloria, and Jim Costich, along with many other fantastic intersex activists such as Gina Wilson, Tiger Devore, David Cameron and Safia Wall, it’s among our very favorite intersex documentaries to date !

Note: The filmmakers are aware that Intersexion is being widely viewed online, and are okay with it and have given us permission to share here, and we send them big thanks for their brilliant work educating the world on the need for intersex human rights.


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  1. Jim Costich on July 15, 2015 at 1:08 pm

    it’s not just the best on the “topic” it is the ONLY film that features actual intersex people off all different kinds, experiences, and histories telling their own stories about our lives. It’s the only thing out there worth bothering with as of my knowledge in July 2015. It’s the best thing I’ve ever had a chance to do in my life, for sure and I am still getting it publicly screened as much as I can. Buy it, show it and share it – it’s really good!
    Jim Costich – one of the “cast”, member of Oii.