Viloria featured in Buzzfeed piece about intersex activism and the Intersex Fund!

We are honored to be listed with these other fantastic intersex activists and advocacy organizations in this great piece in Buzzfeed about the Intersex Fund, created by Astraea Lesbian Foundation for Justice. All the grant recipients are doing fantastic, invaluable work, and we send big thanks to Buzzfeed for the coverage and to Astraea for providing this invaluable support for intersex human rights! We’ve done a lot since OII-USA Founder and E.D. Hida Viloria appeared on Oprah (as featured in the Buzzfeed piece) — in fact, we’ve done it all SINCE then because Viloria founded OII-USA in 2011, lol — but with upwards of 100 million viewers, the segment is still one of the (the?) highest profile media events for intersex peeps, and still directs people around the world to finding support and information here at OII-USA, so we’re grateful too have it acknowledged.  Big thanks to Sarah Fonseco and Buzzfeed for the coverage, and to Astraea for their grant and their pioneering support of intersex human rights!!!!!

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