Sean Safia Wall profiled in NBC OUT

Sean Safia Wall is an African-American intersex artist, researcher and activist whose voice and perspective we have been a fan of since 2007, when he appeared, with ICE founder Hida Viloria and others, in the award-winning intersex documentary One in 2000 (available for viewing here).

Currently, Wall is the founder of the EMERGE, “the parent project for a series of socially motivated projects that will raise awareness of inequity and juxtapose that with resilience.” One of these, “Letters to an Unborn Son”, is based on the life of Wall’s father, who was incarcerated in the New York State prison system. As outlined in a moving one minute video discussion about the project with artist Elizabeth Summers, Wall was with his father when he was arrested and taken away by the police, which would be the last time he saw his father alive.

We look forward to completion of this powerful project, and in the meantime, we encourage you to read NBC OUT’s fantastic profile on Wall, “An Unapologetic Black Voice in the Intersex Community”. Wall speaks on, among other things, intersex human rights, his experience as a black intersex man, and the intersections between US state violence against the black community and medical violence against intersex people.