OII-USA has a fiscal non-profit sponsor!

We are thrilled to announce that OII-USA, aka the Intersex Campaign for Equality, is now able to receive tax-deductible donations through our fiscal sponsor Attorneys for the Rights of the Child (ARC)! ARC is a non-profit organization founded to secure equal protection for, and broaden judicial and public recognition of, children’s legal and human rights to bodily integrity and self-determination, which is a great fit for our mission to attain human rights, particularly the rights to bodily integrity and self-determination, for intersex people.

OII-USA has been completely volunteer run and funded since it’s founding in 2011. Despite this challenge, we have made contributions to the community such as initiating the first unified, global call for human rights by and for intersex people, to the U.N. Office of the High Commissioner of Human Rights in 2012 (which has resulted in ongoing relationships and human rights work), and creating two valuable, unique resources for the intersex community, our families and friends: Brief Guidelines for Intersex Allies (2012), and Your Beautiful Child: Information for Parents (2013). In 2013 we also served, by selection, as co-organizers of the Third International Intersex Forum, in Malta, which produced a document, the Public Statement of the Third International Intersex Forum, which outlines the unified goals of the global intersex advocacy community. In addition, we have, and continue to, provide information and peer support to community members and their families, and to educate stakeholders such as academics, physicians, birth care professionals, and journalists, as well as the general public, through lectures, videos, publications and television. We are excited for the opportunity this fiscal sponsorship provides to broaden the scope of our work even more, and give our deep thanks to ARC for making it possible!

On Intersex Awareness Day, this coming Monday, October 26th, we will be announcing a new, groundbreaking human rights project we are involved in. Please consider making a tax-deductible donation to support our work, and please join our mailing list and/or follow us on Facebook, if you haven’t already, in order to be notified of all the exciting developments. :)

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