News Coverage of Nevada Bill SB 408, which seeks to ban nonconsensual Intersex Surgeries!

Hurray for Nevada Bill SB 408, which seeks to ban Intersex Genital Mutilation (IGM), aka nonconsensual sex reassignment surgeries on intersex babies! Thanks also to activist and scholar Dr. Georgiann Davis, author of the fantastic Contesting Intersex, for speaking out in favor of it on Las Vegas Now News.

Boo, however, to the doctors who oppose it, like the one quoted below:
“We can’t even make a decision about letting transgender people use a certain bathroom. I disagree that this society is ready for a third sex.”
— Dr. Clare Close

Years ago a different doctor, Kenneth Glassberg, invoked the same “society is not ready for intersex people” rhetoric on ABC News’ 20/20. It was 2002, so he didn’t use the transgender comparison, but a racial one, stating that, “Society can’t accept people of different colors, now we’re suppose to accept someone whose genitals don’t match what their gender is? I do not believe society is ready for it.”

As a friend of mine said back then: Intersex people are not some new invention that people have to be “ready for”! Indeed, we’ve existed since the dawn of time, and what we need is to be accepted, not eliminated because we face discrimination. After all, what a sad world it would be if we eliminated all the communities who were victims of discrimination. This astoundingly backward logic and the nonconsensual medical treatments it supports have got to end!