Intersex Activists Draft Bill SB1342 to Protect Intersex Infants!

Mo Cortez, Koomah, and Interact Advocates for Intersex Youth have done something fantastic: Bill SB 1342! It’s a bill: “Relating to prohibiting nonconsensual genital surgery on certain minors with intersex traits.”

See the following from The Houston Intersex Society on how you can get involved.

It’s one of the first known Intersex protecting bills ever introduced in North America that was developed by Intersex people, and we thank them and commend them all for their work on this! They are now awaiting additional support to move to bill forward so look for more posts on these developments to come.

In addition, Mo and Kaoomah spent over 20 hours at the Texas State Senate lobbying against SB6, the Texan version of the #antitransbathroombills, because these bills do not make sense and cannot stand if you account for intersex people’s existence. We thus encourage all LGBTQIA organizations and press, particularly those in Texas, to reach out to them at the The Houston Intersex Society to learn how trans and intersex people can work in coalition to support equality for us all! #intersex #LGBTIQ