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Promoting human rights and equality for all intersex people through arts, education and action.


Help For Struggling Youth

      In light of the tragic fatal shooting last weekend of non-binary intersex college student Scout Schultz, we encourage anyone who knows a youth who is struggling to make them aware that they can reach out for free to the following organizations, which offer 24 hour mental health/suicide prevention counseling: The Trevor Project…

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Yr End Report: Celebrating Intersex Education & Legal Recognition in 2016!

2016 heralded some victorious achievements for intersex education, visibility and legal recognition, and the Intersex Campaign for Equality is proud to have played a role. This New Year’s we celebrate that intersex voices are being heard, respected, and amplified throughout the world, and that non-binary intersex Americans have, for the first time, been accurately, legally…

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Cary Gabriel Costello’s Oped on trans & Intersex human rights in the NYT

We are thrilled that Cary Gabriel Costello’s fantastic essay was selected to run in the New York Times’s Transgender Today essay competition. Costello is a professor of __ at University of Wisconsin, and author of the always engaging, intellligent, informatative blog Intersex Roadshow, which OII-USA has been recommending for years.

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Our Own Dr. Dani Harris’s Petition for Police Training Reform

The Intersex Campaign for Equality supports all members of the intersex community regardless of race, religion, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation or ability, and we, like many, have been deeply saddened by, and are deeply concerned about, the slew of killings and violence witnessed against Black Americans by police officers over the past days, months,…

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Inspirational “Thoughtful Tuesdays” message from Dr. Dani Lee Harris

Dr. Dani Lee Harris is a retired police officer, adjunct professor, author, activist and the first openly intersex Grand Marshall of a Pride Parade, in their hometown of Atlanta Georgia. Dani is also ICE’s Southeastern Regional Representative, we are proud to say, not just because of his tremendous accomplishments and dedication to human rights, but…

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How Intersex People Identify

By Hida Viloria and Dana Zzyym. Much has been said recently, on the heels of all the media attention on Caitlin Jenner and Rachel Dolezal, about the issue of how people “identify”. Meanwhile, Intersex people have also been getting attention in the media, and an increasing amount of folks are finally aware of the fact…

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