Intersex Community Members featured in Washington Post Intersex Movement article!

Our E.D. Hida Viloria and other members of the intersex community are quoted in the article, “The Intersex Rights Movement Is Ready for its Moment,” in today’s Washington Post, which also features beautiful picture of many young community members, which we feel is wonderful for bringing a humanizing lens to the intersex community and our issues . :)

“There is a much bigger focus now on intersex identity politics — on letting the world know that we are intersex people, as opposed to people with medical conditions,” says longtime activist Hida Viloria, a chair of the Organization Intersex International and author of a new memoir, “Born Both.” To Viloria, surgeries that aim to make children more conventionally male or female are “a gendercide, an institutional effort to erase us from society.”

Yes indeed they are, but they will end and we are here to stay!

Note: While the article did try to represent all sides of the IGM debate by finding intersex people who said they were okay with having had nonconsensual procedures performed on them in infancy, the two testimonies do not, in our opinion, override the general sentiment that surgical decisions are best left in the hands of intersex people old enough to decide for themselves.