UN Free & Equal Campaign Human Rights Day video features Viloria

We’re happy to see OII-USA Director Hida Viloria quoted in this article announcing the UN Free & Equal campaign’s video of the groundbreaking panel Sports Comes Out Against Homophobia.

“It’s very easy to discriminate against intersex women [athletes] because we’re closeted,” said U.S. intersex activist Hida Viloria. “That’s why even though intesex is 1.7{f489cf86ef3549788833b103eab17d2ae409a7409d59fb02bb862162d1b706dc} of the population, as common as having red hair, you don’t all know that you know an intersex person.”

hida-at-the-un-panel hida-w-thomas-roberts-at-un

Viloria’s pioneering work as an “out” intersex activist was honored by the invitation to participate in the event, along with “out” sports legends Martina Navratilova and Jason Collins, and “out” human rights activists Thandeka Mkhuma of South Africa and Anastasia Smirnov of Russia. The panel, moderated by the fantastic Thomas Roberts, took place at the United Nations in New York and was held in observation of Human Rights Day 2013 (December 10th, 2013). :)

The UN Free & Equal Campaign made a 4 minute video of the event, below, which we are honored and humbled to be included in.


#IntersexRights #IntersexEquality