Tell Oxford to stop calling intersex people abnormal!

The Oxford Dictionary has been making strides accepting people that fall outside  statistical “norms”, such as Trans and Genderqueer people, and we have celebrated this progress. However, it still defines being intersex as an “abnormal condition”. How can we expect society to accept intersex people when we are defined as innately flawed?  Please take a moment to sign this petition asking them to stop spreading stigma and prejudice. Thanks in advance!!!



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  1. David on August 29, 2015 at 12:59 pm

    I am Intersex but to call me abnormal is characterizing my whole body as being defective when in infact I have a veryation of sexual development that differs from the binary genders that society is comfortable with. Simply put I’m nether male normal female having been born with one testes and one ovary. My ovary descend from the fetal ovary that every fetus has until six weeks of so of gestation. During the gestation process most fetal ovaries continue to develop into a adult ovary or testis. In my case this go and remain in the fetal state. This state of being doesn’t make me abnormal any more that some being born with genes that promote cancer. In every other respect I am like every other person and do not being branded as being abnormal.
    I would also like to point out that Intersex is an umbrella term used to describe a host of medical conditions that are totally unrelated accept in sharing some form of gender veryation. This could take the form of chromosomes or failure of organs to develop or many other factors. To brand us abnormal could cause miss treatment of this group as a whole. As a example fetal medical testing can detect some cases which encourages abortions for no other reason other than conformity of binary gender. Even though I’m married I also realize that I share both genders within one body. This is who I am, my normal.