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Global Intersex Activists & The Guardian on Intersex Birth Certificates

Bravo to Sara Kelly Keenan and to The Guardian for this respectfully written and well researched article, featuring fantastic interviews with Keenan–the first U.S. citizen to be issued an “intersex” birth certificate (from New York City)–her husband, and others. We have long spoken about the fact that in order for nonconsensual surgeries, aka Intersex Genital…

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Great video of Sara Keenan’s Historic Intersex Birth Certificate

We prefer the 1.7% statistic for #intersex people, as it includes all the different types, unlike the 1 in 2000 statistic used in the video, which only refers to intersex people with ambiguous genitalia, but we still love this video, and the historic event it commemorates. Tx Sara Kelly Keenan for demanding intersex recognition! #IntersexID…

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