Remembering the Intersex Day of Remembrance

November 8th is the Intersex Day of Remembrance, a.k.a. Intersex Solidarity Day, and this year OII-USA celebrated the occasion with a fantastic group of Inter* folks (as we call ourselves in some parts of Europe) and allies in Vienna.  :)

“Never before have I spent time with such a large, caring, intelligent, fun group of people that are truly interested in Inter* people and how they can welcome us into the community and support our human rights efforts,” said E.D. Hida Viloria, who was invited by VIMO (aka OII Austria), and Platform Intersex Austria (PIA), to present at the 6-8th. Viloria held two 3 hour workshops alongside fellow activists, the fantastic Dan Christian Ghattas and Del LaGrace Volcano, of OII Europe, and also presented a keynote lecture at Vienna’s beautiful City Hall.

We would like to extend a special, deep felt thanks to organizer and ally extraordinaire Paul Haller, and the entire organizing team of Angela Libal, Katharina Aichinger, El Fischer, Orlando Brix, Nin* Langer, and Luisa Böckmann, for giving so much time and energy to make this event such a fantastically enjoyable, as well as educational, event!  The inter* brunch in particular, on the final day, Sunday Nov 8th, was truly a great way to celebrate Herculine’s birthday with our fellow intersex activists Alex Jurgen, Tobias, and Gorji Marzan of VIMO/OII Austria, along with OII Europe’s Ghattas and Volcano. :) :) 



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  1. parsu rai on November 19, 2015 at 8:23 pm

    Nepal too has many intersex community but they need to be empowered