Our E.D.’s latest–The Forgotten Vowel: How Intersex Liberation Benefits the Entire LGBTQIA Community

The Forgotten Vowel: How Intersex Liberation  Benefits the Entire LGBTQIA Community,” was published on Intersex Solidarity Day/Intersex Remembrance Day in INTO magazine, the only LGBTQIA website to be shortlisted for a Shorty Award in news and media. Our E.D. Hida Viloria shares her experience discovering the memoirs of Herculine Barbin–whose birthday, November 8, 1838, is the reason why Intersex Solidarity Day/Intersex Remembrance Day are observed on November 8th–and how the account helped her understand and accept he/rself both as an intersex person and a lesbian. Barbin was persecuted because she was both, tragically committing suicide in 1868 as a result. Nearly one hundred fifty years later, LGBTQIA people are still being persecuted around the world for the same reason Barbin was: the effort to enforce a heteronormative, binary system of sex and gender.

Viloria’s essay sheds an important light on the importance of debunking this erroneous system in order to end intersex oppression and the oppression of all LGBTQIA people. We hope you’ll agree that working in unity and coalition benefits us all, and that you’ll share to educate others on this topic if you do. :)