Intersex & Nonbinary Q&A with Assoc Dir Dana Zzyym

“I would like to see everybody with full equal rights and freedom–and white privilege gone from the world. I’m not sure if it’s just a utopian vision but I wish for us to move closer to that utopia.”

This beautiful, incredibly informative, inclusive interview with INTO magazine makes us proud to call Dana Zzyym our Associate Director.

Dana shares about their groundbreaking federal lawsuit for non-binary sex/gender recognition on their passport, and how much has happened since they initiated it in 2015. Zzyym also shares their powerfully insightful perspective on the connection between intersex and non-binary experience and identity–a connection which is often minimized or ignored in today’s era of fostering divisions between marginalized communities.

See a bit below, and read the full Q&A here.

“Intersex people, by definition, are born out of the binary system, but… From when we are born, we are told we are a boy or a girl. It’s very hard for us to
break out of that and say we are not, especially when at the same time we are being given hormones or medications in order to fit the binary gender system. It’s wrong and very harmful. I call that brainwashing since it is forced upon you from a very early age. Then when you grow up you start thinking something is wrong here, this male or female identity is not how I feel.”
— Dana Zzyym, Associate Director, Intersex Campaign for Equality