From BBC Africa: The Midwife Who Saved Intersex Babies

Having a child is a lifelong job, demanding in even the best case scenarios of economic and social privilege, and adopting a child is something which, sadly, most people–even those in that position of privilege, or that cannot naturally conceive their own child–find so daunting that they won’t do so. Thus we find, “The midwife who saved intersex babies,” reported by BBC Africa, about a woman who saved two intersex babies’ lives by adopting them as her own, one of the most impressive accounts of humanitarianism, courage, strength and love that we have ever witnessed.

We commend Zainab, a black Kenyan midwife, for her astoundingly beautiful, giving heart and her courage in adopting not one, but two intersex children as her own when their own parents wanted to kill them. She does so knowing the enormous amount of stigma these children face, and in addition, which she herself faces merely for aligning herself as their parent. What a deeply impressive, inspirational example of being an exemplary, loving human being! <3 <3 <3