Chinese Language Video about Intersex Issues in Hong Kong

We are continually impressed by the strength, determination and courage of our intersex activist colleagues abroad, who are educating people about the need for intersex human rights in countries where it is much harder to do so than it is the United States. One such colleague is Small Luk, a registered social worker, Chinese medicine practitioner, and clinical hypnotherapist in Hong Kong, who founded Beyond the Boundary- Knowing and Concerns Intersex, or BBKCI (藩籬以外-認識及關愛雙性⼈) in 2011.

Small came out as intersex in February, 2015, becoming the first person to do so publicly in Hong Kong, and  has been educating on intersex issues and the need for intersex human rights in the Chinese press and media, as well as doing on the ground work supporting intersex individuals. She shared this Chinese language video with us because there are so many Chinese speaking people living in the United States, and we highly encourage you to share it with any Chinese speaking intersex people that you may know, their families, and/or people that you think could benefit from it or be allies to the intersex community.

Small shared that, unfortunately, the program framed being intersex as a disease, as often happens because, despite over a decade of intersex human rights advocates’ such as OII, and our allies, calling for depathologization, being intersex is still classified as a “Disorder of Sex Development” (DSD) by the medical establishment. However, the program also shared intersex people’s own perspectives and experience, which is one of calling for acceptance, equality, and human rights for intersex people, such as an end to the medically unnecessary, non-consensual genital surgeries and hormone therapy routinely performed on intersex infants and minors.

We thank and congratulate Small Luk for her courageous work in educating people, in Chinese, about intersex issues in China. Also, if you are an activist yourself and have or have seen similar materials, or an ally who has, we encourage you to please send them to us via our contact page, in case we missed them, so that we can share.