Celebrating National Coming Out Day!

“Intersex people are born on the frontlines of homophobia and transphobia because we’re vulnerable to being harmed in infancy if our differences from heterosexual norms are detected, as they often are.” — IC4E Founding Director Hida Viloria

Founded by long-time queer, non-binary, Latinx intersex activist and writer Hida Viloria–who worked at the nation’s first LG non-profit as a youth before becoming one of the world’s first intersex and non-binary activists–the Intersex Campaign for Equality has always been about being out and proud, and for good reason. The human rights abuses which intersex people face, including nonconsensual genital surgeries (aka Intersex genital Mutilation), are due to the fact that our very bodies confront heteronormative views.

Working in coalition with the LGBTQ community has been part of our mission since our founding as OII-USA (the American branch of OII, the Organization Intersex International), and advocating for “LGBTI” inclusion is party of that. We know that until everyone who challenges sex and gender norms is free and safe to live openly as who we are the battle against homophobia, transphobia, and yes, inter phobia, is not won.

We thank and congratulate all the brave, beautiful intersex people who came out this year, and the many more of you who will come out today. As our allies at the United Nations say, may everyone be free and equal! Please share their groundbreaking Intersex Fact Sheet today to create a safer world for intersex people to come out to.