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Promoting human rights and equality for all intersex people through arts, education and action.

Coming Out

OII-USA’s Viloria in Oxford U Press college textbook!

We are thrilled to report that OII-USA/ICE Executive Director Hida Viloria’s May 2014 essay, “What’s in a Name: Intersex and Identity,” will be published by Oxford University Press this December in the college textbook, QUEER: A Reader for Writers, by Jason Schneiderman. The essay elaborates on the importance of de-pathologization and using “intersex” rhetoric for attaining…

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O.I.T.N.B. star Ruby Rose on being genderfluid in People

Australian model and actor Ruby Rose came out as genderfluid in the summer of 2014, and discusses it now in People magazine, in conjunction with announcements that they will be starring in Season 3 of the popular television series Orange is the New Black. Kudos to Rose for proudly promoting visibility for non-binary people!

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VICE Interviews Emily Quinn on coming out as intersex

In, “I’m Intersex and My Body Works Just Fine, Thank You”, VICE’s Hannah Hanra interviews Emily Quinn of InterAct (a U.S. intersex youth organization) on her decision to come out as intersex, and what it was like consulting MTV on TV’s first intersex character, on their series Faking It.

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Intersex Pride in Cosmo!

FANTASTIC, inspirational interview in Cosmo by OII-USA’s honorary Dalea Rundblad, talented intersex musician and founder of Girl Comet, a self-esteem advocacy campaign. Thank you Dalea for representing intersex people so beautifully! Please share widely. :)

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OII Australia VP Tony Briffa tells story of self discovery

“Proud intersex person Tony Briffa tells story of self discovery“, features an interview with OII-Australia Vice President Tony Briffa. Briffa, who made headlines when they became the world’s firt openly intersex publicly elected official, says, “I feel very comfortable having accepted my true self and that I’m not male or female, but both. …I’m now…

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