Acclaimed solo show Angels are Intersex starts touring next year!

We have been fans of British intersex comedian and playwright Seven Graham’s writing and advocacy since 2006, when they came out as intersex in The Independent. Later, we were overjoyed to see that they, like our E.D. Hida Viloria, were among the few intersex people around the world who quickly spoke out in defense of South African track star Caster Semenya, and all intersex women athletes, when Semenya was stripped of her gold medal and banned from competing as a woman (on August 19, 2009), because of suspicions that she is intersex.

Now, Seven is an expat living in Los Angeles, flooring audiences with their stand-up comedy and recently, their solo show, Angels Are Intersex. It received a fabulous review in the Huffingtion Post.

“Angels are Intersex is a journey of heartache to connection. It will make you laugh and will leave you speechless. Above all, you are invited to support the fight of gender-neutral rights: Like Asia Kate Dillon’s character in Billions, Sarah is now using “they”: a non-binary pronoun embracing a whole person regardless of gender. Sarah feels that this pronoun is true to their new understanding of self and finally allows them “their right to be” whole. This might be a mindbender to some, but Sarah is inviting us to join the conversation… So let’s start talking.”

Angels Are Angels will be on tour next year. If you’d like to book Seven for your rehab/college/theatre etc., we highly recommend it, and they will work with you to plan it. Don’t miss out on this fine one-herm show!:)


Review in Huffington Post