Viloria presenting at the APPPAH 19th Congress

ICE E.D. Hida Viloria will be speaking about the right to genital integrity, as it relates to intersex people, this Friday, December 4th, at the Association For Prenatal And Perinatal Psychology And Health (APPPAH)’s 19th International Congress (December 3-6, 2015). The Congress theme is Birth and Society: How Birth Impacts Society and how Society Impacts Birth.

Viloria will be joined by the fantastic Soraya Mire, FGM survivor, award-winning director (Fire Eyes, which highlights the barbaric practice of FGM), and human rights activist; Marilyn Milos, one of the pioneers of the anti-circumcision movement and founder and director of the National Organization of Circumcision Information Resource Centers (NOCIRC); and J. Steven Svoboda, founder of Attorneys for the Rights of the Child, who educates and litigates on behalf of genital integrity issues as an attorney.

Location: Berkeley Marina Double Tree Hotel, Berkeley, CA .

Time: 2-3pm