Happy IAD Everyone– The Intersex Quarterly is here!

A message from our E.D. Hida Viloria, Co-editor of the new Intersex Quarterly, our online intersex quarterly produced in conjunction with Indolent Books.

I am sooo happy to help share this amazing writing by amazing intersex people with the world. I really never imagined, even in my early thirties (by late 30’s I think I could), that this kind of thing could be out there. Although we obviously still have a long way to go, with recently renewed efforts of erasure by our own administration no less, from my vantage point the progress which the intersex community has been making is astounding and unstoppable.

Some of the writers featured in our inaugural issue, Intersex Positive: What We Love About Being Intersex, are not only award-winning authors, but also among the most influential intersex activists in the world, and/or in our nation’s history.

I am deeply honored to share the work, in alphabetical order, of: Jim Costich​, Dr. Georgiann Davis, Thea Hillman​, and A.J. Odasso​. It is a joy to read, and I hope that you’ll please share it to help remind the world that we are here, and we are beautiful. Big thanks to my co-editor A.J. a and Michael Michael H. Broder​ of IIndolent Books for their support in getting this out into the world!

Please share the Intersex Quarterly far and wide to help promote intersex visibility, and thank you in advance.

Intersex Quarterly 1

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Intersex Quarterly 1