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Support Justice for Shanthi Soundarajan!

Intersex women athletes need our support – please sign the petition for Shanthi Soundarajan!   With the advent of the Olympics in Rio, we have seen a wave of discriminatory attitudes against intersex women in the press, disguised as “concern” over the fact that women with naturally high testosterone levels (known as hyperandrogenism) will…

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Reexamining Rationales of “Fairness”: An Athlete and Insider’s Perspective on the New Policies on Hyper­androgenism in Elite Female Athletes

OII global chair, Hida Viloria, and former Olympic athlete Maria Jose Martínez-Patino write in The American Journal of Bioethics on proposed policies by the International Amateur Athletics Federation (IAAF) and the IOC relating to hyperandrogenism in women athletes (but notably not male athletes). Read full article Reexamining Rationales of Fairness An Athlete and Insider s…

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