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Lambda Legal Continues Fight for Dana Zzyym’s Non-Binary Passport!

==================================================== PRESS RELEASE, Thursday, May 09, 2019 From out colleagues at Lambda Legal ==================================================== Lambda Legal to Tenth Circuit: Affirm Ruling for Nonbinary Intersex Veteran Seeking an Accurate U.S. Passport “It’s absurd that the State Department would rather me just randomly check a box: male or female. It’s not who I am, and it would…

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More Americans Receive Non-binary Gender Recognition!

“I hope that more people will feel empowered to challenge the norms, to see that our sexual anatomy is on a spectrum and that gender is really socially constructed.” — David Cameron Strachan As reported by NBC News on Wednesday, February 15th, three more Californians –David Strachan, 69, Char Crawford, 32, and Xin Farrish, 34–…

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Yr End Report: Celebrating Intersex Education & Legal Recognition in 2016!

2016 heralded some victorious achievements for intersex education, visibility and legal recognition, and the Intersex Campaign for Equality is proud to have played a role. This New Year’s we celebrate that intersex voices are being heard, respected, and amplified throughout the world, and that non-binary intersex Americans have, for the first time, been accurately, legally…

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Lambda Legal Says: State Dept Got it Wrong, Intersex Citizen Dana Zzyym Deserves a Non-Binary Passport!

*** For Immediate Release, from Lambda Legal *** State Sept Got It Wrong in Denying Passport to Intersex Citizen, Lambda Legal Tells Court “Dana was denied a passport, an essential identity document, and in effect is under nationwide house arrest just for being honest…. This country is better than that.” (Denver, CO, July 20, 2016) – Lambda Legal…

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OII-USA Dana Zzyym’s Lawsuit in Newsday!

This great piece in Newsday accurately describes Dana’s case, points out that some intersex people, unlike Dana, identify as men or women (as we have always made clear), and even features a great pic of Dana and Paul Castillo, the Lambda Legal staff attorney representing Dana in this lawsuit. Big thanks to Newsday for giving…

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