OII’s message of “Intersex” pride in new Buzzfeed video! :)

We’re thrilled to see more intersex activists following our lead by discarding the use of medical terms such as “DSD” (representing “Disorders” or “Differences”, “of Sex Development”) and instead using the term “Intersex” exclusively in this video, “What It’s Like Being Intersex”!

In 2011, OII-USA, a.k.a. The Intersex Campaign for Equality, was founded and became the only American intersex advocacy organization which rejects the label DSD. Our mission, like OII World’s, is to promote “intersex” equality and human rights, such as bodily integrity, self determination, and the de-pathologization of intersex people. Our E.D. Viloria’s highly circulated 2014 essay, “What’s In A Name: Intersex and Identity“, elaborates on the benefits of using “intersex,” rather than medicalized, rhetoric to describe our community.

We give big thanks to AIC’s Sean Saifa Wall and Pidgeon Pagonis – whom we advised from 2012-2014 on the benefits of referring to the community exclusively as “Intersex”- for doing just that in this well made, fun, positive, educational short video! Hurray! Although AIC still uses DSD, this is great step towards building “Intersex” pride and unity within the global intersex community, which, along with OII-USA, rejects DSD.

We thank them for moving in this direction, and thanks also to fellow video participants Emily Quinn and Alice Alvarez for being openly intersex and proud! :)