OII Australia Pres. Gina Wilson provides testimony to the Equal Rights Trust

OII Australia’s President Gina Wilson provides an excellently worded testimony on behalf of intersex people to the Equal Rights Trust, a UK Human Rights think tank and advocacy organization.  http://oii.org.au/22134/equal-rights-trust-testimony/

As Wilson says, “Most discrimination against intersex people is not as a consequence of us identifying as intersex, but on the basis of our physical appearance and difference. It will ultimately be important to get us out of the frame of intersex “identity”. Intersex people have all kinds of identities – the same broad spectrum of identities that the rest of humanity has. Prejudice is not about how we see ourselves, but how others see us – and this is based on a visible physical reality.”

This is in line with OII-USA Director Hida Viloria’s recent post regarding intersex definition, “Calling a Spade a Spade: Intersex is Just Intersex.” Given the confusion and appropriation that surrounds the topic of intersex, we must remain very clear on what the actual experiences of intersex people are to address human rights violations against us.   Many thanks to Gina Wilson for advocating for intersex people across the globe! Bravo! :)